CBSE Board 12th Result 2018, Check Here


About CBSE Board :-

The Central Board of Secondary Education, popularly known as CBSE, is regarded as the apex board of education in India. The board has jurisdiction across India and in 21 foreign countries. It has nearly 141 affiliated schools. Keeping into consideration the nationwide requirements, the Central Board of Secondary Education grants affiliation to the schools up to the higher secondary level and develops common curriculum. The affiliation from CBSE is considered as a prestigious recognition as it requires the schools to follow rigid quality standards.

The History of CBSE :-

It was in the year 1952 when CBSE was given its present name Central Board of Secondary Education. However, the board was reconstituted in the year 1962 when its jurisdiction was extended. Though most of the states in India have their own educational boards with different curriculum, but the Central Board of Secondary Education clearly has the advantage of being the most preferred board in India.

CBSE Board 12th Class Examination :-

On March 2016, the Central Board of Secondary Education had conducted the examination for all the students of Class 12 for promoting them into the next level and examining their performance in the examination. In the year 2016, the percentage of passing students was more than 95 and if the opinions expressed by the educationists are to be believed, this percentage will go even higher in the coming year.

Why CBSE Class 12 Exam is Important?

Yes, CBSE Class 12th exam is very important for you as its result will shape out your professional career. Your potential will come out in the open. You will be able to decide as to which direction you should take your career now. You will have a social status and your self esteem will be up or down based on the high or low marks that you will be getting in Class 12 exam. Though you will have the optimal level of worry and anxiety regarding the exam, but that will certainly help you achieve the result you are looking forward.

CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips

Exams, whatever may be its nature, either it is of entrance level or even at the school level, are always big causes of stress. In addition to studying hard, the key to performing well in the exams is being able to grasp everything and retain everything. That means, studying smart and in a proper way is what is required to excel in CBSE Class 12 Exam.

CBSE Board 12th Result 2018 :-

Dear Students, the CBSE Board of Education will be announcing the CBSE 12th Result 2018 on 21st May, 2018. But, before the announcement of result, it is important for you to pull your socks up for the CBSE 12th examination 2018 which is going to be held in the month of March next year. The moment any update regarding the examination or result of CBSE Class 12th 2018 comes in, we will be updating here in our website. Therefore, in order to get updated about every new things regarding your CBSE Class 12th, 2018, the only thing that you need to do is to stay tuned with our site.

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